About Nikol

Nikol Kuiken, PCC, ECPC

Nikol Kuiken, PCC, ECPC

Supporting others to LEAD IN MINDFULLY with Vision and Values.

Nikol’s areas of expertise include:

  • Mindful Leadership Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Mindful Family, Mothering & Parent Coaching
  • iMind Team and Group workshops and facilitation

I AM committed to sharing the life inspiring tools and principles of Solution focused and Mindful methodologies to help others to TAKE THE LEAD in their own lives.

Holding Solution Focused principles paramount to personal growth and transformation, I use authentic and appreciative inquiry to elicit the best in each individual, family and team that I have the honor to work with.

My approach to coaching and facilitation of leadership development is intentional, engaging, enthusiastic, and definitely playful. I aim to bring warmth, compassion, playfulness and challenge to every conversation. Kindness, non- judgement and presence inform my own life lead ins.

Participants experience thought-provoking insights, mindful moments of aha and self learning, as well as effective and strategic new mindsets to create their own life LEAD IN.   Oh, and often a few good belly laughs!

Forwarding my vision that “personal change equals global change” I work with Erickson Coaching International (https://erickson.edu)  as a Trainer’s Assistant for The Art and Science of Coaching and graduate programs such as The Art and SCience of Mindfulness (https://erickson.edu/art-science-mindfulness)  and Expanding Emotional Intelligence. (https://erickson.edu/emotional-intelligence-training-online) I whole-heartedly advocate for Erickson’s vision of “Changing the world, one coaching conversation at a time.”

My question to you is:

What need can I fulfill for you and your members?

Education & Credentials

  • LEAD Coaching, ICF PCC Accredited Coach
  • ECPC Coach & Facilitator 2006 – Present  (www.leadcoaching.ca)
  • Mindful Educator Certificate and Mindfulness Essentials Certificate 2015
  • Architecture of the Mind Hypnosis Certificate, U of T, Sept 2015
  • Advanced Transformative Facilitation and Training, Sept 2015

Erickson College, Vancouver BC,  ACTP 1-year College Diploma 2005

  • Core Coaching Certificates
    • TASC Art & Science of Coaching, PCC ICF
    • Certified Solution Focused Practitioner
    • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
    • Certified Milton Erickson Master Hypnotherapist
    • Time Line therapy
  • Business Applications Certification Includes:
    • Leadership, Manager & Corporate Coaching
    • Visionary Business Planning
    • High Performance Team Coaching
  • Facilitation and Training Certifications Include:
    • Standing in Contribution “Train the Trainer” Facilitation Program 2003, 2015
    • Erickson Advance Trainer’s Training 2015
  • Balnea Institute – Diploma in Holistic Health and Wellness, inc Aromatherapy & Reiki 2000
  • Gina’s School of Aesthetics and Holistic Therapies 1997
  • Mother of three amazing souls