Group Coaching

Group (Mindful) Growth Coaching

One of my great joys is the fun, growth, expansion and challenge that accompanies a group of people when they come together to support each other in Growth. These sessions are incredibly fun and participants experience exceptional growth and progress. There is something magical that occurs within a small group when everyone commits to show up authentically and hold each other in a safe, supportive and yet challenging and growth-oriented atmosphere.

Meet weekly for a set amount of sessions, follow one of my well-established workshops or series in an environment where we can go high and deep into the work flow and really get to the bottom of any underlying concerns.

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Custom Pricing provided upon request* 

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One-on-One Coaching by an ICF Credentialled PCC Coach 

My most exclusive package – Nikol only works with individuals that are willing to truly commit to personal growth and change. Minimum 6 session commitment.

LEAD DISCOVERY for 60 Min – $285.00

INSPIRE  – 6 sessions –  – 975.00

IGNITE – 12 sessions $1575.00

MASTER – 24 Sessions $3,250.00

TRANSCEND– 40 sessions $5,250.00

INTENSE INTERVENTION- Meet 2x per week for 4 weeks …includes agreed upon text and email support $1200.00

Commitment is paramount.

Sessions are booked, scheduled, and 75% prepaid in advance. Remaining 25% Investment is due at the commencement of the “Halfway” session.  Commitment is paramount. Sessions must be used in a 1 year period from time of payment.

My question to you is:

What need can I fulfill for you and your members?