iMind series is a collaboration with  thought leaders and  industry top minds in Coaching, Mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Its about learning your own LEAD INs.

My primary focus and  purpose is to promote optimal mental health  by equipping individuals with the ability and tools necessary to build mindful skills.  Learn to LEAD IN and devlop self-awareness, practice compassion, kindness and empathy, build resiliency, and acquire focus skills through the practice of mindfulness so that you can learn to LEAD In Mindully. iMind is designed to facilitate your inner knowing and release your truest most authentic self so that you can LEAD.


Our iMind lessons consist of creating community, connection, breath work, age appropriate and adventurous stories, lessons to educate about the science of the mind and the physiology of mindfulness – kids learn to use their SUPER BRAIN POWERS to develop. Specifically, the research behind mindfulness and how it can help our everyday lives. An example of a lesson would be explaining to the students how our brains react in stressful situations vs. non-stressful situations.

This is a highly interactive Coach Approach to introducing Mindfulness to children, facilitated by a Board Certified teacher with over 8 years’ class room experience and Myself, this 4 session series, children learn what mindfulness is, all about how their brain works, how words affect mood.  They learn specific sustainable tools and techniques to think more effectively, change states with a thought, develop specific emotional intelligence skills and learn mindfulness techniques to better arm them against the real stresses they face in bullying, cyber bullying, social media, double income and split families. Children LOVE magical mindful movement, moments and activities – they are fun and support them to develop lifetime strategies in emotional intelligence, resilience and mindful skills that puts them in control of their feelings and triggers. This is essential to arm them with the best and most need skills to thrive!


Mothering – our greatest joy and also our greatest challenge, a place of happiness and a potential of mass Personal growth, a source of contentment, but not always fulfillment. This is mindful strategy session for moms who are looking to grow for the love and sake of themselves and their children. Begin to learn about the art and the science of mindfulness and how we can utilize this to minimize and limit the frustration and maximize the magical moments of motherhood. This is a place where woman can connect in a real authentic and mindful supportive environment to address the changes, frustrations and magic of motherhood.


LEARN to LEAD IN yourself, as a parent and to learn to model,  as well as teach, your children the skills to become mindful and emotionally resilient to increase social and emotional success, arming families with skills against bullying, social media, anxiety and stress.


What happens when you get a Sexologist, a Naturopath and a LEAD Coach Together to talk about  love and sex? You get the Holistic support that you need to bring back the ART and the SCIENCE hands on mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of  mindful loving. In this workshop we discuss strategies for getting, keeping and growing together as humans and sexual beings.

LEAD COACHING offers follow-up coaching services to ensure the long-lasting value of our powerful programs.